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Brembo Solutions

  • A Cross-Industry fertilization
    Different fields have in common processes that can benefit from the same digital innovation. Automotive is from where we start to spread out our know-how across many industries.

    AI can be used for cross-industry applications by leveraging the power of Machine Learning algorithms to extract insights from meaningful and diverse datasets.
  • Building Cool things together
    A one-of-a-kind team, merging Data Science, AI, Data Processing and Software Engineering to develop ready-to-run Solutions for a global market. Our team mixes young enthusiasts and experienced talented professionals from various disciplines and cultures, working together to quickly achieve value creation. We range from the Silicon Valley to Nanjing, from statisticians to physicists and engineers.
  • Brembo Inspiration Lab
    Our US base to grasp cutting-edge AI technology. A center of excellence based in Silicon Valley, where our data science and domain experts experiment novel solutions. The right place to develop a network of strategic partnerships uncovering hidden synergies.
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