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Digital suite

Tailored, ready to use and sustainable digital solutions based on Brembo’s in-house best practices.
We offer customizable and innovative solutions, built on our internal best practices, for companies across all industries looking to enhance their capabilities.
Our AI-powered data analytics solutions serve a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, fashion, food & beverage and more. With a versatile approach, we address specific industry needs, providing valuable insights and driving impactful outcomes for our clients across various sectors.
Imagine having an army of internet-geeks surfing the web to seek evidence of any problem with your products, months before they are reported to your dealers or customers. Worldwide. 24 hours a day. Then, imagine another team reviewing those issues, classifying them and feeding a complete warranty management suite with predictive capabilities. You are on Claims Hunter.
Discovering anomalies in your products under testing has never been so easy. A digital eye observes and reports changes in the normal state of a component during bench testing, especially during hard and heavy procedures like high-frequency vibrating tables. Anomaly detection AI under the hood provides near-zero human intervention. This is ViBES.
A good teammate for any fabric-making firm. In a time where lack of craftmanship is growing, Tailor Mate solves the long-lasting problem of automatically spotting defects on a rolling or still textile, without the need for a super-skilled quality inspector spending all the shift’s time watching a specula. Object-detection AI at the service of the textile industry.
Bring Rock&Roll to your quality laboratory by automatizing micrography inspection on polished samples. Your experts will get defect detection, area and extension calculation, class evaluation, pdf reports and quality grading following your rules and more. All in one AI powered software. Customize for your own quality process Born for aluminum, can be trained for other metals as well.
X-Ray inspection made easy. Our AI is really quick and outperforms real-life human capabilities in spotting castings defects, thus enabling 100% production inspection with quality online. Specifically trained on X-Ray images, but applicable to tomography and other domain-like digital images.
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